Space Planning

Planning out the perfect space

Your employees workplace experience is at the core of your business. An improperly utilized or inefficient workspace can lead to low morale, poor productivity, and other major issues that can affect your bottom line. No matter how big or small your space is, Your Design Company can create a space plan today that will greatly impact your success tomorrow.

Whether you're moving into a new tenant space or remodeling your existing building,  YDC will listen and develop unique solutions to maximize your productivity, mobility and work flexibility, along with adding amenities to improve collaboration and  align with your brand and goals. We have the experience and expertise to make your space fit your needs. We provide office design, retail store design, retail banking and investment workplace design for organizations of all sizes throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, greater Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

No matter what challenges your organization is facing, Your Design Company can create an unique space solution that will offer flexibility and sustainability for you to maximize your business initiatives and reach  your full potential. Our space planning capabilities include:

  • Workstation layout, design and specification
  • Storage solutions
  • Collaborative spaces
  • Private office
  • Open work environments
  • Smart conference rooms
  • And much more

Your business is your livelihood. Space planning is our passion. Together, we can create a space where your business will thrive. Contact us today for space planning that's designed to get your space just right.

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