Commercial Interior Design

Getting every detail right

Your workspace should be designed for your unique needs and goals. Just because it's aesthetically pleasing doesn't mean it's a great design. Commercial Interior design requires a keen eye for detail that's equally matched by a deep knowledge of what works. When you need a space that reflects your brand and maximizes your potential, we're Your Design Company for unmatched results.

With over 30 years of interior design experience for a wide variety of clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, greater Minnesota, and Wisconsin, we're fully equipped to meet your design needs. We work closely with you to create a design that fits your brand and your budget down to every last detail. When it's time to select finishes, we show you the best options that fit within your budget, and we also help you understand the long-term value so you can make the right decision. As a full-service interior design-build company, we can then take that perfect design and turn it into a reality that exceeds your vision.

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